See, I'm a young soul.

I don't like brushing my hair at night.. after it had a day of being all tangly.
Is there any way I can keep my hair from getting tangly? NO.
It hurts & it's stupid.

This is stupid.
But I have been begging every one of my friends to get a gym membership with me.. or to just go to the gym with me when I was home.
And the next thing I hear, these two got a membership WITHOUT me, and that one works out all the time, just doesn't ever 'feel like it' when I'm around.
I know that working out isn't what is needed to keep our friendship together.
But I just don't like feeling left out of my OWN suggestions.
If getting drunk is the only thing that will keep a friendship together, then I will die with my mother as my only friend.
Things are so old.
I am so old.

I'm getting the Macbook Air.
I don't care what it takes.
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I wish I had a video camera last night. Because if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. So I'll tell you anyway.

Tequila and girl talks aren't a good idea. Either is shotgunning multiple beers before you get in the car to take your girls home. Don't open your door as someone backs into it. Do not get pulled over by the cops after trying to outrun them doing 80 down side streets. Do not admit that you are fucked up beyond words then tell him that you are only 17. Don't smoke. Don't be Bob Marley. Don't fall asleep with a Chewy bar in your hand because you're too afraid to put it in your mouth because you're afraid you'll forget to chew and swallow. Get a ride. Find your car. Start it. Start it. Start it. Drive home. Don't turn the wrong fucking way and get lost in downtown Ferndale. Go to McDonald's and eat something. Make the way you're forced to shimmy out of your car door because it won't open all the way look graceful and on purpose. This is natural. I'm using the passenger side because it's fun. I do this all the time. Don't look at anyone straight in the eye. Hold your breath. 

I swear, I remember everything. 
I saw Alyson & Laura last night. Fucking weird. I was so happy. I haven't seen those girls in foreverrrr. 

Destroyers. Destroyed. Life.

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